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Practice And Prepare For School Exams

Pandai offers high-quality academic contents such as daily quizzes, topical tests and exams to help students prepare for school exams.


Form 4 to Form 5

At the end of Form 5, secondary school students are required to take the Malaysian Certificate of Education or Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM). Pandai covers 6 subjects: Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Science.


Form 1 to Form 3

At the end of Form 3, secondary school students will sit for Lower Secondary Evaluation or Pentaksiran Tingkatan 3 (PT3). At the moment, Pandai covers 2 subjects: Mathematics and Science.


Year 1 to Year 6

At the end of their studies in Year 6, primary school students will sit for the Primary School Achievement Test or Ujian Peperiksaan Sekolah Rendah (UPSR). Pandai covers 2 subjects: Mathematics and Science.

Aligned To The Curriculum

All Pandai contents are perfectly aligned to the KSSM & KSSR standards set by the Ministry of Education (MOE). So you can use Pandai to complement the Malaysia school curriculum.
The contents are mapped to MOE’s ‘Dokumen Standard Kurikulum & Pentaksiran’ (DSKP) and are divided by grade, subject, chapter, topic, subtopic and mastery level.
The contents are available in both languages - English and Bahasa Melayu.

What Students Can Get From Premium Subscription?

By subscribing Pandai's Premium Subscription, a student gets to enjoy ALL of the following:

Category Subject Grade Year Format
Academic Exercises

(National Curriculum)

Mathematics Year 1 - Form 5

Quizzes (Daily)
Topical Tests
Exams (Midterm & Final)

All questions includes answers and explainations
Science Year 1 - Form 5
Additional Mathematics Form 4 - Form 5
Physics Form 4 - Form 5
Chemistry Form 4 - Form 5
Biology Form 4 - Form 5

Daily Quizzes

Daily Quizzes contain interactive questions that come with the correct answer, solution and detailed explanation. Every day, students get 3-5 questions for each subject, based on a particular topic.

The daily quizzes are fleeting - they are no longer available by the end of the day (by midnight GMT +8). So students have to answer them within the same day. However, if the daily quiz is answered (either correctly or incorrectly), that particular daily quiz can still be accessed and viewed again by the student at any time. This is done to encourage students to study continuously every day, not just before exams.

Daily Quizzes
Topical Test

Topical Test

Topical Tests contain a set of questions that are based on a specific topic within a chapter. A Topical Test is available for every topic of every chapter, covering the whole syllabus of the subject, as listed in the curriculum.

The tests are released by stages throughout the year, from the first topic of the first chapter, until the last topic of the last chapter. This allows the students to test their understanding and mastery of every topic.

Unlike Daily Quizzes, Topical Tests that have been released will always remain accessible throughout the year. So students can always access and answer them at any time.

Term Exams

Exams are summative assessments from a variety of topics and chapters. Two types of exams are available: the midterm and the final exam papers. Every year, the midterm exams are released in May, while the final exams are released in September.

Exams that have been released will always remain accessible throughout the year. So students can always access and answer them at any time.

Term Exams