Daily Quizzes

Interactive questions that come with the correct answer, solution and detailed explanation. Every day, students get up to 5 questions for each subject, based on a particular topic.

Topical Test & Exam

A set of questions that are based on a specific topic within a chapter. A Topical Test is available for every topic of every chapter, covering the whole syllabus  of the subject, as listed in the curriculum.
Exams are summative assessments from a variety of topics and chapters. Two types of exams are available: the midterm and the final exam papers.

Score Card

Score overview of all subjects (weekly, monthly, annually) including current streak, longest streak and total quiz. This increases students’ awareness of their learning efforts, for instance, students can view scores for each subject so they can focus on subjects that they are not doing well based on the analysis of student’s performance data.


Earn points everyday and collect rewards badges! Students obtain a new badge as each correct answer has points value. This is to motivate students in terms of achieving their goals besides providing a healthy competition environment towards the best course performance.


Educational videos that are already publicly available and categorise them based on the Malaysian national school curriculum KSSR & KSSM. Each video is mapped to its corresponding level subject chapter and topic.


Leaderboard shows the accumulated points of Top 20 students in Malaysia. The purpose of leaderboards is about motivation, collaboration and encouragement. This not only pushes the student to work harder to get to the top, but strive to be the best and beat the rest.

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