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Quality Content
Aligned To Malaysian National Curriculum
Personalised Learning
Based on Individual Capabilities and Progress
Detailed Report Card
Continuously Identify Areas of Improvement
Topical Test & Exam
With Detailed Explanation and Step-by-Step Solution
Gamified Quiz
Motivate Students to Achieve Their Learning Goals
Competition Preparation
Practice for National & International Competitions

Pandai helped 350,000 Malaysian students practise and complete 120,000,000 questions since January 2020

Nur Irdina / Form 5 Student

My sister and I use Pandai to get quizzes and mock exams. The best thing is... we can learn from our mistakes!

Aloqumina / Parent

Pandai allows me to track my son's progress and performance, so I know which areas he needs more help with.

Haz Ebrina / Teacher

My students like to use Pandai to learn every day and anywhere at their convenient time.

Darshinie / Form 5 Student

Every year, I participate in the Kangaroo Math Competition. With Pandai, I can easily prepare for the competition.

Johan / Form 4 Student

What I love most is I can track my performance through my own personal Report Card and Score Card!

Tay Shiau Chyn / Parent

Pandai is one of the apps that my son used because its content and exercises are based on MOE's syllabus.

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A Complete Learning Ecosystem within Pandai

For Parents

  • Remote monitoring of child’s progress using Parent Dashboard
  • Weekly summary sent straight to your email
  • Family discount for subscription of multiple children

For Teachers

  • Access to more than 100,000 questions in Pandai’s Question Bank
  • Automatic Test Builder
  • Manage Classes & Monitor Student’s Progress
  • Contest Registration