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Live Tuition🌟

Learn in real-time from experienced tutors, with past class recording & assignments

Live Help🌟

1-on-1 chat with a tutor to help you with your homework or any learning question


Effective memory-aid tools that can help you learn new material quickly


Curated videos by experience teachers mapped to subjects, chapters and topics

Quick Notes

Quick reference for easy reflection, to help you remember your learning

Interactive Experiment

A game-like environment where you learn through exploration

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Quiz + Games

Practise by answering quizzes and challenge yourself to beat your score

Topical Test

Test your knowledge on a specific topic to make sure you achieve mastery

Term Exam

Prepare yourself for the real exam with time-based summative assessments

Automatic Answers

Get immediate feedback and correct answer right after your practice

Step-by-Step Solutions

Get a detailed explanation of all questions to make sure you fully understand


Discuss with other Pandai Community members of specific questions and topics

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Score Card

Keep track of all your activities and achievement, your score, streak, and more

Report Card

Continuously monitoring your learning progress for every subject

Detailed Analysis

Get a very detailed analysis of your strength and weakness for every topic


Compete with students across Malaysia, your state and your school


Unlock achievements and collect fun badges every time you meet a certain target

Daily Goals

Set your own daily target to allow you to learn at your own pace

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Students Testimonial

Review about us from the students
Pandai - Students Testimonial
Pandai - Students Testimonial

Students Testimonial

Review about us from the students

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