Be Part of Our Social Impact

Pandai works together with UNDP under the Social Impact Challenge Accelerator (SICA), and with MaGIC under the Social Enterprise program, to strengthen our social impact and adopt best practices for sustainability.

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  • To complement your existing CSR education project
  • Excel your existing CSR education project with Pandai app, using personalising and interactive learning progress system.
  • To manage CSR project on behalf of your company.
  • We are able to manage your CSR eduaction project in activating Pandai app within your CSR ecosystem,involving the use of education technology to achieve the remarkable outcomes.
  • Help the community, build your Image
  • Helping underprivilege community will be very meaningful, in the meantime we can manage your digital and media exposure to increase your brand image.
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  • To provide Pandai premium access for your employees' children'
  • Pandai premium access will assist the working parents in managing their kids' educational needs, utilising independent and peronalised learning.
  • To support working parents in monitoring their children learning progress
  • We will provide Pandai for parents to assist them in monitoring their children's learning progress and performance using Pandai App.
  • To provide access for employees' empowerment
  • Your employees will get a premium access to "ReSkills", exploring various training and certification to enhance their soft and technical skills mentored by the experts.
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  • To integrate your product or services within our app
  • We have more than 400,000 registered account in Pandai app, integrate your products or services will increase the exposure and engagement.
  • To install special dashboard for your decision making
  • You will get specific data related to your audience who access Pandai app. It will help you to be more data oriented in making decision.
  • To increase your product or services' exposure
  • We will feature your brand in our activites, raising more awareness and brand image.
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  • To find mutual benefits for involved parties
  • We are open to any business collaboration opportunities, create a more significant impact for stakeholders.
  • To look for further opportunities between parties
  • We love to work with an organization that concerns with educational growth in Malaysia. Whenever you are ready to collaborate, we are always open to dicussion.